Monday, 9 January 2017

Numerology Course

Hello Angels,

We offer Numerology courses. Starting 21-1-2017 full day. Investment $200 including GST. at Aberfeldie  Vic 3040 Please phone Jasmine to register your interest.
Love and Blessings

Jasmine 0438300193

Duration :I day workshop

Dates : Call 0438300193

Time : 10am to 5 pm

Includes : A Pythagoras method. Learn the power of numbers and their relationship to unlocking truths about our personalities and those around us. Our date of birth reveals our future as well as our past. Our past lives, and how it affects us in this life. Our compatibility with others. Which angelic forces were present at our birth. What lies in our year ahead. What strengths and shortcomings we may have been born with and how we may use them to our advantage. What is our destiny, what is our sole desire, Which lessons are we here to learn, and much more. See how the vibration of numbers affects our life, their benefits and how they play a major role in our daily life. Tea and coffee provided.

Price : $200
For additional information and bookings call 0438300193